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                ADIPEC 2018,Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition&Conference

                日期:2017-10-09    浏览量:15364

                Overview of the exhibition:

                The ABU dhabi oil show has been held since 1984 for two years.Starting in 2013 to an annual one, the number of exhibitors and increasing has become to show the world oil and gas field of the latest products, technologies and services stage, is in the Middle East and influential TTF attending the industry scale, is a big international rankings of the world's top three oil show.The 15th "ABU dhabi international oil and gas show" (ADIPEC) on November 11, 2012 in the uae capital ABU dhabi national exhibition center open to the public, the exhibition indoor exhibition hall area of more than 31000 square meters, from 59 countries and regions in the world of more than 1500 oil and gas exploration, development and the surrounding application related manufacturers to come to the exhibition, service areas, receive professional visitors number more than 40000 people.During the show held "2010 ABU dhabi international oil and gas conference", from 33 countries 262 industry experts on the current international energy, energy conservation, environmental protection and new technology industry development direction in the popularization and application in the field of energy exploration and other hot topic has carried on the discussion and communication.It is worth mentioning that in this exhibition, the local manufacturers of the uae participated in the exhibition, and the number of showrooms in the domestic enterprises reached up to 14, creating a record of the exhibition.

                Market analysis:

                The united Arab emirates (UAE) is the world's third-largest oil resource countries, oil reserves of 98 billion barrels, oil revenues, the main source of economic development is the united Arab emirates (UAE), so the united Arab emirates government attaches great importance to the development of petroleum industry.ABU dhabi is the capital of the united Arab emirates, united Arab emirates 94% of oil reserves, oil reserves of 92.2 billion barrels, currently has more than 90% of the national reserves and 85% of the country's real output, is an important hub of the world's oil and gas industry operation.

                The organization of petroleum exporting countries OPEC's share of the global oil market in 2020 will reach 57.3%, the Middle East to spend billions of dollars every year for oil drilling, production, refining, equipment maintenance, new oil and gas project investment.According to statistics, oil producing countries in the Middle East, such as the united Arab emirates, must invest $950 billion in the next few years to maintain and expand their oil production.Meanwhile, ABU dhabi national oil company will continue to invest more in the oil sector.Large investments in oil and gas have also raised higher requirements for related equipment and technologies.China's stable trade relations with the united Arab emirates and China's competitive advantage in oil and gas products will give Chinese companies a wide market in ABU dhabi.

                Scope of exhibits:

                Machinery and equipment: oil well, drilling, welding, tank equipment, lifting, lifting, lifting, heat preservation, refrigeration, ventilation, remote monitoring, maintenance, maintenance, etc.Generator, refueling machine, turbine, turbine, turbine, impeller and other machinery;Valve, pump, compressor, blower, air separation equipment, vacuum equipment, jack, boiler, furnace, pressure container, cooling machine, flange, pipe, hose and connection device, industrial explosion-proof products, industrial power supply, electric transmission device and its assembly, and various kinds of form a complete set of equipment and chemical machinery, etc.

                Instrument: transformer, stabilizer, recorder, filter, temperature sensor, measuring instrument, filter screen, screen, etc

                Technical services: surveying, mapping, refining, purification, refining, separation, liquefaction, welding, pressure transfer detection, quality testing, pollution control protection, flow rate control and other technologies;Computer data management;Oil depot engineering, electrical engineering, engineering consultant;Safety, alarm, emergency shutdown, risk control, operation process control, pipeline line protection, fire alarm equipment, industrial safety and labor protection products, experiment and simulation, etc

                Other: all petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas products;Drilling platform and steel structure;Insulation materials;Indicate equipment, etc.

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